We Are Here For You

Community Assistance

The Open Door of Delta offers assistance to the community in many different ways. When a family loses their belongings in a fire or a parent and children flee a domestic violence situation with only the clothing on their backs, we can help with clothing, household goods, cleaning supplies, personal care/bath supplies and food. Individuals in need of help with clothing for school or a job interview and don’t have the means to buy them, we can assist them from our store. If items are not available in our store, we provide assistance through gift cards to go purchase necessary items.

Other Agencies

The Open Door also houses three other nonprofit organizations within our building at no charge. This allows the community to access assistance from several organizations in one convenient location. NWOC, Job Fairs, Community informational meeting.

Resource Center

There are many needs in our community, some of which we cannot always meet on our own. We work with other agencies to meet the needs of all who come to us for assistance. This may be done by a referral to another agency that has a program that would fill a need, or making calls to find out the best way to assist someone. Identifying needs in our community and figuring out ways to meet them is a large part of our organization.