“Helping Hands” Programs—Helping families stretch their resources.

Summer Lunches

In the summer of 2017, a couple of people had the idea to give kids and caregivers lunch. They decided to take lunch into two of the low income housing areas. By providing lunch two days a week to help the families food cost. The Open Door became aware of the program and offered support. In the spring of 2018, the Board voted to provide funds to this program. One month later the program became part of
The Open Door of Delta. With community offering to lend a hand to deliver the lunches, we were able to increase the areas of service. Over 700 people enjoyed lunch and the relieve from their food cost.

School Supplies

After several phone calls inquiring where someone could get help with school supplies, we answered the
need by suppling basic school supplies and backpacks. Now kids are ready to start the year off with right
with school supplies in hand. Families that are in need of supplies have to contact us and fill out a short
form to qualify for the school supplies.

Hat and Mitten Tree

Each year a Christmas tree is placed in the lobby area of The Open Door of Delta. Needed winter items such as mittens, hats, scarfs are placed on the tree for families to take, keeping little fingers, toes and noses from getting cold.

Books, Books and Books

We often get a call or see someone asking for children and adult books. These books can be for birdhouse libraries that are popping up in smaller communities, sent to area where school libraries were lost or even to a dialysis center for people to read while receiving treatment. We support these efforts by donating books of all kinds for these efforts. A book in the hand of a child is priceless.

Clothes and More

So many circumstances arise when individuals and families find themselves needed clothing. It can be for a new job, school starting or just fallen on hard times. We can assist by giving vouchers for our thrift store to give them the dignity of shopping for themselves. We can also assist with various other needs like shoes, household goods and furniture.


Teachers and school nurses often place the call of help for children. We lend a hand by supplying needed clothing, shoes, coats, hats, and personal care items to the area schools, allowing children to be part of all the school activities.