The Open Door Thrift Store

Offers quality second hand items at great prices. Whether you shop our store daily, weekly or just once in a while you will find items you love.
The Open Door Thrift Store is located at 313 Main Street, Delta, Ohio. Donations are sorted, priced and organized in our store by our friendly volunteers. The store is open Monday through Saturday, with entrances on Main Street and Palmwood Ave. We carry everything from clothing, shoes and toys to furniture and household goods. Our inventory is always changing and you never know what treasures
you may find! The furniture store located at 319 Main street is also owned and operated by The Open Door. This store houses additional furniture and baby items. Don’t forget to check out this location when you visit our store.

More than just a Thrift Store.

The purpose of our stores is to generate funds to support our programs, provide emergency assistance to families after a major loss such as fire. Clothing for school, employment or interviews, relocation due to domestic violence. So when you shop in our Thrift Store you not only find quality items at great prices for you, you help someone else just by shopping.

Store hours

Monday—Friday 9 AM—5 PM
Saturday 10 AM—1 PM

“Everyone is always nice and it’s fun finding the bargains. Great that the proceeds go to those in need.”